XeerSoft is an integrated global business solution that helps businesses have better visibility, increases accessibility, enhances control and centralizes data from multiple locations. Let us share a few features in XeerSoft which can help businesses reduce risks and prevent fraud in a company.

1. Workflow Authorization

You may have set a rule that every purchase order exceeding RM5,000 must have your authorization signature. Your staffs have issued a purchase order awaiting your signature. But alas, you are at Hawaii enjoying your holidays for another week. XeerSoft allows

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online authorization as long as the workflow and rules are set in the system. Logging in to the system to approve a purchase order or escalate the matter to any higher management is as easy as of clicking the mouse.


2. Security Checks

Customers may have been owing you money for months or have taken stocks over credit limit. However, your staffs using manual system could not detect the risks. Even having known that the customers have far exceed credit terms or over credit limit, your staffs may still issue invoices to customers without your knowledge. By the time you found out, it may be too late. XeerSoft has various security checking that alerts your staffs as well as extra safety measures like passwords in order to carry on transactions. You may also have these transactions be forwarded workflow authorization module for your approval.


3. Photo capturing for Time Attendance

Conservative punch card system allows frauds and requires manual timesheet calculation of work hours monthly. Sophisticated biometric system may reduce frauds but increases maintenance expenses and could be inaccurate. XeerSoft Time Attendance system features photo-capturing using webcam at log in and log out. This is an inexpensive way to monitor staffs attendance especially when staffs are working in multiple locations nationwide or even worldwide. Its web-based capabilities allow instant monitoring and real-time punctuality reports. At the end of the month, calculation of work hours is brisk and could be imported to XeerSoft Payroll system.


4. Audit Trail Logs

XeerSoft system also features audit trail logs for businesses to track usage of the system and monitor any modifications done to the system.