XeerSoft Tenancy System


Your Problems

  • I have hard time keeping track of who my tenants are.
  • My tenants complains of inaccurate usage billings generated by my staff.
  • Staff is complaining of double work having to key in bills in both accounting and tenancy software


XeerSoft Solutions for YOU

XeerSoft has expended it’s capability, developing a new module, integrating another business operation into XeerSoft capability. With XeerSoft Tenancy, customers can now manage their tenant rentals, deposits and utility payments. XeerSoft Tenancy includes simple recurring bills, to complex utility meter unit calculations and finally generation of bills and posting to Accounting.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete Masters for Tenancy System:XeerSoft Tenancy has full range of masters to keep track of both tenants, and their owners. These include:
  • Property Type
  • Unit Type
  • Parking Bay
  • Promotion Ownership
  • Deposit
  • Unit Schemes
  • Utility Billing: Fully Customizable Utility Schemes allow companies to charge users their utility usage by agreed meter schemes. Management Office just have to read and fill in the current meter values for the bill to be calculated.
  • Direct Integration with XeerSoft Accounting System: With complete on-screen, printable and excel reports, XeerSoft can also post documents generated from Tenancy module straight into accounting, reducing the need for duplicate entry in the system. Other documents which can be maintained in Tenancy include Opening Balance, Credit Notes and Debit Notes.
  • Late Payment Interest Calculation: XeerSoft Tenancy includes automation in generation of Late Charges to tenants who failed to pay on time. This late charges can be accumulative, and by calculating within the system, it reduces manual calculation mistakes by staff.