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XeerSoft Payroll with Online Time Attendance

Wish you could control your staffs attendance in multiple locations? Are you unsure of your staffs punctuality when opening your stores nationwide or even worldwide? 

Staffs attendance is critical for businesses with operations in multiple locations, more so if it is on retail industry where time is a critical factor to sales. XeerSoft Time Attendance System is a web-based system with photo capturing feature to avoid fraud of logging in for another staff, giving you control over your employees.

Calculating wages according to attendance, shifts and overtime could be tedious and prone to redundancies and mistakes. With XeerSoft Payroll system, calculations are automated, monthly payslips can be generated at ease along with bank formats to facilitate  automated payments from your bank account. 

You can easily integrate with XeerSoft modules like Accounting, Human Resource system and Management Dashboard – for complete visibility of your human resources.

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Features and benefits

  • Automated Calculations: Reduce time in calculating timecards manually, tracking employees working hours by click of a mouse and reduce key-in errors
  • Easy Employee Card Printing: Easily and cost effectively prints employee cards with employees details and photos as well as barcoding for employee ID number
  • E-Leave and E-Claim Management: Manages leaves for employees, allows online leave application, easy tracking of leaves and empowers employees to manage leaves or holidays as well as managing claims with ease and paperlessly
  • Online Banking for Salary Payment: No more tedious signing of checks for each employee’s salary
  • Overview of Online Work Schedule : Employees able to view their work schedule or shifts and plan their time 
  • Flexible Time Adjustment: Adjusts time by batches of employees and saves time on tedious updates whenever there are changes to be made
  • Photo Capture for Every Clock-In/Out: Captures photo when staffs clock-in and out to avoid fraud
  • Online Overview of Employees’ Attendance: Ability to track employees’ attendance working in multiple locations through web reports