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XeerSoft Web-based Loyalty Membership System

Is loyalty the KEY to your business?

The key to any business is SALES and selling NEVER ENDS. We all know that selling begins when a customer buys. Thus, retaining customers is one of the most important keys to sustainable profits and increase sales. In today’s business world, keeping an existing client comes with challenges of maintaining loyalty, handling complaints, managing rewards, keeping an ever increasing customer database, sending regular updates and monitoring repeated sales.

Understanding this challenging environment, XeerSoft prepares a Customer Relationship Management system which helps to:

  • Maintain loyalty by providing membership solutions, rewarding points for money spent, manages points, redemptions and various reward programs
  • Handle complaints with call center system, assignment of customer service executive, reports on actions taken and immediate alerts of complaints which require quick actions
  • Manage rewards and vouchers security, equipped with various voucher security management like voucher printing (no more printing vouchers with outsourced or third party printer which is prone to frauds and insecurity), vouchers tied to members (only particular members can redeem vouchers), security checking on vouchers and encoding of voucher codes
  • Keep customers database securely by having a centralised database for central access to all or certain filterings so account managers only see their accounts’ clients
  • Information publishing by sending periodicals or updates to client database so to keep clients up to date about products, promotions, rewards and reading materials
  • Manage campaigns for birthday reminders, anniversaries, frequently asked questions and email templates

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