XeerSoft Commissions System

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Commissions calculation should be a boon to your business and not suppose to bring headache to your company administrators. Many companies still provide incentives to salesmen by sales figure due to difficulties in managing collections, tracking commissions by collections and worse still, it will be a total headache with different commissions for different products.

XeerSoft Commission Systems is the saviour! A robust commission system, it allows commission calculation as flexible as you fix it! Set your commissions by the following:

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  • Commissions by collections by products
  • Commissions by sales range
  • Commissions by accumulated sales
  • Commissions by salesman
  • Commissions by period or promotion
  • Commissions by product or product group
  • Commissions by sales quantity
  • Combination of any or all commissions schemes above


This way you can set lower commissions for very sellable or low margin items while giving more commissions to higher margin products or stocks you may want to clear. Just the right commissions system for your robust and complicated commissions calculations.

Salesmen can also view their real-time sales information so to hit monthly target without fail. Information can be filtered by salesman so each salesman only sees his own sales records while sales manager oversees all salesmen details. Let’s say the monthly sales target is RM50,000 and your salesman did RM49,500 sales on the 29th of the month. Even if 30th of the month is a weekend or a public holiday, he will even work his butts off to hit that target!

Integrate it with XeerSoft Inventory System for total stocks control and XeerSoft Accounting System for ease of accounts transactions.

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