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 XeerSoft TOTAL Online Retail Solution

Unlike the simple Retail Management System which only solve simple retail challenges, XeerSoft TOTAL Online Retail System caters for higher visibility of retail businesses, empowers control from any locations as well as flexibility of implementation coupled with support and training. Deploy XeerSoft TOTAL OnlineRetail Solution or just pick and choose modules that suit your needs below:

  • XeerSoft Web POS (Point-of-Sales), an online POS System
  • XeerSoft EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • XeerSoft Accounting System and Financial Implementation
  • XeerSoft Inventory, Stock Control
  • XeerSoft Merchandising
  • Purchasing with Auto Ordering System
  • XeerSoft Membership System and Loyalty Program with Voucher Security Management
  • Consolidation of accounts in multiple stores with multiple company names
  • Integration with e-payment systems


XeerSoft TOTAL Online Retail Solution grants you ABSOLUTE control over multiple stores, immediate price change for volatile-priced items, customized promotions which may take effect in all or selected stores, advanced consolidated reports for all branches, paperless transactions for authorization by upper management, improved workflow and advanced filtering of information for different levels of management.

No more worries in opening more stores as XeerSoft TOTAL Online Retail Solution helps you expand even faster simply because you hold absolute control over all your stores. Integrated with our powerful XeerSoft Inventory System, you’ll have real-time view of your stocks and stocks analysis even in multiple locations to empower timely  decision during purchasing. Triple the control with XeerSoft Financial System which enables you to view the financial health of all your stores, even right at home!

Complete your retail solutions by integrating  modules like Membership for your customised loyalty program, Merchandising system for automation in ordering, Time Attendance to manage staffs attendance, Management Dashboard with graphical analysis of your stores plus your very own EDI implementation to link with suppliers paperless and with ease.

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time, online inventory information: Make better decision with instant inventory reports even in MULTIPLE locations
  • Customized pricing and promotions: Controls and updates pricing or promotions for all or selected branches to take effect immediately or during specific time frame, whether is in one store or all stores
  • Web Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Massively reduce paperwork, eliminate redundancies and increase collaboration with suppliers
  • Multiple Barcodes and Multiple Payment Methods: Customized internal barcodes for your own barcoding system and variety of payment methods to choose from
  • Posting of POS Transactions to Accounting: Post transactions directly, no need for extra data entry, massively reduce redundancies and increase accuracy
  • Integrate with XeerSoft Membership and Loyalty Program: Easy deployment of membership system complete with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system where you can send updates via emails to clients. Grant points, manage points redemption, voucher issuing and printing, voucher security and voucher management – all with XeerSoft. 
  • ABC Analysis: Pareto analysis 80/20 rule states 80% of your sales only comes from 20% of your stocks. What are the 20% of your stocks which contribute to 80% of your sales? Let XeerSoft tells you by using ABC Analysis so you spend more time on stocks that contribute to 80% of your sales for much better returns!
  • E-payment: Spend more of your time on core business functions and NOT signing cheques for suppliers or employees. XeerSoft systems provided e-payment system for direct transfer of cash to your suppliers. 
  • Account Consolidation: Having many branches but all with different company names? XeerSoft consolidates your accounts for easy health checks of your accounts.

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