More Features

XeerSoft Special Features

As a complete business solution, XeerSoft contains unlimited functionalities for business controls, flexibility, data security and better workflow. XeerSoft, while empowering controls at the Headquarters, it is also a proven solution for branch or micro levels of management due to advanced functionalities such as the below:

  • Multi lingual with flexibility of short texts customization
  • Multi currency with currency realization
  • Data filtering for control of data security
  • Workflow authorization

Features and Benefits

  • Multi lingual with flexibility of short texts customization: Bringing your business to global advantage is now simpler and easier with multi lingual function. What more each person logging in the system can customize their own default language as well as to change texts in the system to their own understanding.
  • Multi currency with currency realization: Import and export becomes simpler and easier with XeerSoft multi currency feature. It even comes with multi currency realization. While most companies will send their records to their accountants at year end for realization reports, XeerSoft empowers users to do realization at anytime at your convenience. This way you will have clear knowledge of gain and loss of currency exchange at any point of time.
  • Data filtering for control of data security: Understanding XeerSoft provides integration for centralized controls, it is utmost important that not all employees could view all data and information in the system. XeerSoft provides filtering of data, various levels of authorization and permission control. 
  • Workflow authorization: Authorization of physical documents by mean of signatory has been a tradition in any business. XeerSoft transform the manual flow to digital form with more flexibility and allowing you to empower your managers in the workflow process. 

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