Most modern businesses are using some form of software solutions in their business– Range from effort to computerizing their business process using spreadsheets, up to the level of using business solutions which cost millions of ringgit. Software solutions may include systems that helps boost efficiency, increase productivity, reduce redundancies, automation, integration even strategic implementation such software as accounting, inventory, merchandising, time attendance, payroll and human resource systems.

Why modern businesses go for Cloud Based Business software Solutions?

Modern business requires short lead time to market. All functions including software system integrating information across organization and modules to enhance their competitive advantage will reduce market lead time. But alas, individual client-server package software does not allow easy integration. Linking multiple standalone software together may need specialized experts, high cost and time to implement. Not to mention the internal organization resistance towards system changes and complexity. But then, why should you change to a web-based business solution?


Integration and Visibility

As business starts to grow in size, top management has less visibility over their operation which is especially true with business that have multiple locations and retail businesses. Top management loses control over its branches, lacks visibility over business processes, often finds information outdated and difficult to make decision without real-time information.



Web-enabled systems allow everyone in a company to access its system anywhere, anytime via Internet. Imagine that you can even control your business simply by just logging in to the system, right at home or anyplace you travel in the world 24 hours!


Real-Time Information, Better Decision Making

Since information will be updated instantly through Internet, you will be able to view real-time information and thus be able to make better decision. This is particularly important for time-critical businesses, ie. the purchasing department will be able to view real-time stock levels for all store to allow accurate purchasing and orders.


Empowers Control

Management will be empowered to control their businesses better. How? Updates of pricing can be done online to take effect in selected branches or all branches across the world. Authorization of certain business process can be done online, ie. purchase order at remote branch over a certain amount must be authorized by Purchasing Manager in central location.