Why Web-based Business Solutions?


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Most modern businesses are using some form of software solutions in their business– Range from effort to computerizing their business process using spreadsheets, up to the level of using business solutions which cost millions of ringgit. Software solutions may include systems that helps boost efficiency, increase productivity, reduce redundancies, automation, integration even strategic implementation such software as accounting, inventory, merchandising, time attendance, payroll and human resource systems.

Why modern businesses go for Web-Based Business software Solutions?

Modern business requires short lead time to market. All functions including software system integrating information across organization and modules to enhance their competitive advantage will reduce market lead time. But alas, individual client-server package software does not allow easy integration. Linking multiple standalone software together may need specialized experts, high cost and time to implement. Not to mention the internal organization resistance towards system changes and complexity. But then, why should you change to a web-based business solution?

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and Visibility

As business starts to grow in size, top management has less visibility over their operation which is especially true with business that have multiple locations and retail businesses. Top management loses control over its branches, lacks visibility over business processes, often finds information outdated and difficult to make decision without real-time information.


Web-enabled systems allow everyone in a company to access its system anywhere, anytime via Internet. Imagine that you can even control your business simply by just logging in to the system, right at home or anyplace you travel in the world 24 hours!

Real-Time Information, Better Decision Making

Since information will be updated instantly through Internet, you will be able to view real-time information and thus be able to make better decision. This is particularly important for time-critical businesses, ie. the purchasing department will be able to view real-time stock levels for all store to allow accurate purchasing and orders.

Empowers Control

Management will be empowered to control their businesses better. How? Updates of pricing can be done online to take effect in selected branches or all branches across the world. Authorization of certain business process can be done online, ie. purchase order at remote branch over a certain amount must be authorized by Purchasing Manager in central location.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Web-based Business Solution


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Now, having shared just a few of the benefits of using a web-based business solution, there are factors to consider before jumping off the wagon to buy one.

Availability and Support

Choosing a web-based business solution provider will be the very first step in getting your solution. It is very important that you choose a company that is able to scale their solution, able to support your business growth, local support availability and is always there to standby when you require them. You will also want to find out if the provider can give trainings to your

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Background and Credibility

The world now is filled with names and alternative so how to choose a provider, you may want to look at the brand and reliability. However, what is more important is to look at the background and the credibility of the providers. You may want to avoid agents or third party providers of a certain branded software company. Be aware of their background, experience in hands-on solutions and do your due diligence in getting feedbacks from their existing customers, too.


While having a famous provider could be fanciful, it also comes with higher costs. Therefore, be prepared with a budget for your Information Technology costs, which could range from 0.5% to 3% of your annual revenue. However, if you have done enough due diligence, checked on the background of the provider and satisfied with it, might as well carry on with the provider if it offers somewhat lower in costs. Some providers even offer low start-up costs or payments on a monthly basis. Also find out the cost of trainings provided, if the providers do offer trainings. Should it be an international company, be prepared to fly in the trainers from overseas and incur additional cost which comes with it.


Do find out what services that the providers provide. Get one which you can work with for long term. Some companies are only doing consultancy and provide advice while some implement the solution. You may want to look for a company who does all – from consultancy to implementation of the solutions up to support and future scalable requirements as your business grows. As explained earlier, changing may be stressful for your company – so, find out if the providers provide data mapping, business mapping and applications mapping to ease the transition period.

Ownership of Software

Also find out if the ownership of the software belongs to the provider. Some providers are only do implementation of software but do not own the software themselves. If the providers do not own the software they implement, changes in requirements of future scalability come with higher maintenance cost.


Some software providers offer possible upgrades which may benefit your business. However, further expansion of the software very much depends on the software providers themselves. You may want to look into companies which couldprovide customizations and future expansion of its software. Do ask for the costs that come with it as most customizations come with costs.

Negotiate Terms

Once you have chosen a provider, be prepared to negotiate terms and charges with the providers. Providers which offer lower start up cost may impose a certain minimum period of usage, to cover their high start up expenses and initial investments. Discuss on warranty period, re-training your staffs should there be turnovers and support packages provided. Providers may also charge a certain amount of deposits which may range from 30% to 60% of the whole cost of implementation.

XeerSoft Empowers CONTROL, VISIBILITY and FLEXIBILITY in Retail Businesses


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XeerSoft Retail Solution consists of the below modules. Clients can purchase whole or part of the total

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solution depending on their needs and current challenges.

  • Web-based POS (Point-of-Sales) System
  • Accounting and Financial solution implementation, Integration with e-payment system
  • Account consolidation with multiple stores or company names
  • Inventory and Stock Control
  • Merchandising system with forecasting and Auto-Ordering
  • Membership and Loyalty program
  • WebEDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Online Time-Attendance system with payroll and work schedule integration
  • F&B POS system catered for the food and beverage industry
Challenges in Retail Industry

Complexity of multiple locations, setup of multiple company names as well as difficulties in managing controls in multiple stores, XeerSoft completes the puzzle by providing the solutions! It is a norm to face problems in managing controls of stocks, accounts, cash flows and even human resources when any business expands to exceed three branches. An estimate of 26% of retail and service business will fail in 2009. Will your business be the surviving 74%?

The XeerSoft difference

XeerSoft understands challenges of retail industry, having long-term partnership model with Econsave supermarket since its infancy till stretching of more than 30 branches nationwide. Others include Vietmaland (Timberland retailer), Family Food Joint Stock (operates 5 Parkson supermarkets in Vietnam), Healthlane Pharmacy (12 branches), Purplecane (16 branches nationwide) and many others.

XeerSoft provides business know-how, process and consultancy for business solutions in the retail industry. More than that, XeerSoft implements the solution with our renowned in-house system, further providing support, training, research, development of new features based on industry best practice, quality assurance process, hosting of servers and maintenance. A one-stop solution!

Talk to us if you want to implement Retail Solution to empower your business. Whether you have 3 branches or a chain of 100 branches, XeerSoft is confident to assist you to greater heights!


Newly developed web-based F&B Point-Of-Sales system where headquarters could have absolute control over pricing at branches, visibility over real-time sales, and flexibility of amendments at any point of time. Integrated with online Time Attendance system, work schedule, accounting, inventory and stock control.